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Office of the University Building Official


August 2023

Please welcome our new staff:

Natalie Feaver, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Architect; responsible for Architectural, Egress, and ADA, Reviews and Inspections

Caitlin Keaton Walls, Document & Compliance Analyst, contact Caitlin with questions about Project Review and Building Permit Status.

January 2022

Organizational Changes — OUBO will divide administrative responsibility for projects within the FM Project Management groups as follows: Kathy Grove will be the liaison for Academic Capital Projects (Tim Roland's team). Rachelle Hermes will be the liaison for Health System Capital Projects (George Southwell's team). Bob Waite for all other teams including Construction Services (Bree Knick's team), Infrastructure Renewal & Renovations (Brian Pinkston's team), Design Services (Scott Clough's team), and users of the Small Project Reviews. Nathan Lawson will be the liaison for SWM/ESC reviews, submissions to be provided by Dawson Garrod of FM Environmental Resources.

If you have any questions on who is the liaison for your project, please ask!

January 2021

OUBO welcomes Peter Mackey, PE in the role of Senior Mechanical/Plumbing Engineer. Peter joins us after many years working with 2RW. In that capacity, he has been on the design team for many UVA projects, and knows many of our mechanical systems well. Peter also earned his engineering degree from UVA and will bring a unique combination of student and professional to his new role.

We say our fond farewell to Ron Herfurth, PE, who retires at the end of January. We wish him well and thank him for a remarkable 32 year career spent ensuring that building systems in UVA buildings are designed and built to conform to building code and provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency for students and staff.

December 2020

Nathan Lawson, PE successfully earned his PE license. We congratulate him on his success!