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Office of the University Building Official

Core Duties

The University outlined its own vision and strategic direction in the 2013 Cornerstone Plan. The Plan included a focus on collaboration as an institutional hallmark. We view our work, including our technical review of building designs and achieving code compliance in construction projects, through this lens of collaboration. To accomplish this, we work together with a diverse group of Facilities project managers, design architects and engineers, and faculty & staff from across Grounds to ensure a safe and exceptional built environment.

The Virginia Statewide Uniform Building Code outlines the specific Core Duties of our office, which include:

  • Reviewing drawings for conformance with applicable Federal, State, and University Codes and Standards.
  • Participating in the University's Value Management process for all capital construction projects.
  • Issuing building permits for new construction, renovations, demolition, and temporary structures such as stages, membrane structures, and portable buildings.
  • Inspecting construction projects for compliance with fire safety requirements, accessibility guidelines, and structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing codes.
  • Issuing certificates of occupancy for new buildings and approvals for re-occupancy following renovations.

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